Cacao Tour

The Cacao tour is a hands on tour in a real working plantation. The tour will depart from the restaurant and take guests to the cacao field, there we discuss the types of trees, their growing environment, the soil composition, and organic requirements to grow cacao in our environment.

Guests will have a chance to see real a cacao pod, and see the beans that make cacao grow inside. The tour will incorporate parts of the sustainable farm that make up the social aspects of the cacao world as well as the sustainable works that are required for a good soil.

We will continue to discuss the fermentation process and how it affects the taste profile of the beans. We will see the drying process incorporated next to the coffee mill (we incorporate some of the growing similarities of the two crops).

You will take some beans to the Selva Negra Tasting Room and will make traditional chocolate drinks including pinolillo and sample different types of chocolate.

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