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Hiking in Selva Negra is a lot more than walking in the woods. You hike into virgin cloud rain forest where you experience nature at its purest, the sights and sounds of the forest will amaze you as they have done many of those who have already had a chance to visit us. Don’t forget to check out the trail map.

Selva Negra offers you a wide variety of hiking trails to experience. From the slow pace of a walk around the lake, where you can watch the geese go about their daily life, and listen to the hummingbirds as they busily buzz around you to get the nectar of their favorite flowers.

To the strenuous and time consuming venture into virgin cloud rain forest. Here you will see plants that are found in very few other parts of the world, you could also be surrounded by the all-powerful howl of the resident howling monkeys. This is an experience worth the muddy boots, and the soar legs. You will go through parts of the trail that will require the aid of roots and trunks to get you moving and continue on your 45-degree climb to the ridge.

Trail map Hiking Senderismo Selva Negra Ecolodge
Trail map Hiking Senderismo Selva Negra Ecolodge
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