The Selva Negra Coffee Estate has been a leader in agricultural sustainability for forty years, the first in Nicaragua to implement intensive rotational grazing, use African and Californian earthworms to compost coffee waste, recycle toxic honey water, and develop their own organic pesticides and fungicides. Through their efforts Selva Negra not only provides clean water to their own community but to their Matagalpan neighbors as well. Waste from each part of the estate is recycled into another part, so much that despite housing over 500 people at a given time, Selva Negra produces only one large can of trash per month.

Through the Selva Negra Community Foundation (SNCF), we teach other coffee farmers in the region everything Selva Negra has learned over the past four decades. Over years of monoculture practices and the use of toxic pesticides and fungicides, many farmers in Nicaragua have damaged the soil and led this beautiful environment into deforestation. SNCF corrects those malpractices by teaching organic coffee farming techniques, permaculture, horticulture, and livestock raising. We also advance alternative energy technology in the region, harnessing the ample solar power of the Nicaraguan mountains.

Your donation to the Selva Negra Community Foundation helps provide free education in sustainable farming to the people of northern Nicaragua. Donations fund such projects as lesson in organic coffee farming, sustainable development, and renewable energy.

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